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Moorage Policies

Entering the Harbour
Please do not create wake when entering or exiting the harbour.  Do not exceed 3 knots.  The dock attendant and the marina office both monitor VHF Channel 66A.  "Our call sign is "Discovery Harbour Marina".

Boat Repairs
Major repairs on your boat and those involving dangerous substances, including chemicals and fuels are not permitted in the marina.  Work that is permitted includes general daily maintenance, light sanding, varnishing and spot painting.  If you are unsure about the permissibility or safety of your repairs, please consult the marina office.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are between (10pm and 7am).  In consideration of others, please do not run loud equipment or make excessive noise during this time.

Please ensure all dinghies, inflatable toys and other watercrafts are secured within your slip area and do not block the path of other boats.  If your dinghy does not fit within your slip area, notify the marina office and we will attempt to make other arrangements.


In consideration of others and for your own safety, please be aware of the following regulations:

  • Use floats at your own risk, certain weather conditions cause floats to be very slippery.
  • Children under 14 years must wear life jackets on floats and be with an adult.
  • All pets must be on a leash.
  • No fishing, swimming, skiing, or skin diving in marina basin.
  • No BBQ's or cooking stoves to be used on marina floats.
  • No bilge water to be pumped into the marina basin.
  • Clean fish at fish cleaning tables only.  Our fish cleaning tables are located on the north side of float F and on the south side of float D.